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Programs: Get involved!

A step toward eliminating the idea of waste.

[Artistic styling by Marshall Jansen]

We collect the following items in our designated bins (located at the entrance and next to our dumpsters):

1.   NEW: All Dairy Tub Packaging
           +Including: all cream cheese tubs, sour cream tubs, cheese tubs, yogurt tubs, any other dairy product tub, foil tops, plastic tub tops, and any other type of packaging on all dairy tubs..
2.   NEW: All Humus Containers
           +Including: any brand of hummus containers and tubs, hummus container lids, foil tops and plastic film, outer plastic seals and other plastic packaging.
3.   NEW: All Energy Bar Wrappers
           +Including: only foil-lined wrapper from energy bars, granola bars, meal replacement bars, protein bars, LARABAR bars, and Cascadian Farm bars. We will also accept Clif SHOT, Clif Twisted Fruit, Clif Roks, Clif Bloks, and Clif Gels wrappers.
4.   All Chip Bags
           +Including: chip bags, tortilla chip bags, pretzel bags, pita chip bags, bagel chip bags, soy crisp bags, and salty snack bags.
5.   All Cereal Box Liners & Bagged Cereal Bags
           +Including: any brand cereal box liners (the plastic bags, which preserve the cereal freshness and are inside the cereal boxes), Nature's Path, Malt-O-Meal, and any other bagged cereal.
           -We do NOT accept cereal boxes.
7.   All packaging from Bear Naked Products
           +Accepted Bear Naked packaging includes: Bear Naked brand granola bags, trail mix bags, and granola cookie boxes.

How does it work?


1.   Drop off items at the Co-op.
2.   Co-op Volunteers help sort and package the items.

Volunteers get an 18% discount for every hour of work! Do you want to volunteer? You must be a member of the Co-op to qualify for the volunteer program.

3.   We ship them to TerraCycle.

Why? Help the environment and our local non-profits.

4.   TerraCycle repurposes the items by using them to create other products.

What about when we are done using the TerraCycle products? Drop them off again! They can continue to be repurposed/recycled. Please help us keep the cycle going and keep TerraCycle products out of a landfills.

5.   Give back to the community.

TerraCycle also helps us support our community.  By turning in items, TerraCycle donates money to our local non-profit organizations.

Conscious Shopping made Easy!


Look for the TerraCycle symbol next to the price tags when you shop at the Co-op to help you identify items that can be repurposed (all or in part).


Thank you for helping us extended the life of items that used to go straight to the landfill!
Please email outreach@losalamos.coop for questions, etc.

Construction and Building

UPDATE: Solar Power

We will soon have assistance from the Sun! Construction for a new solar array will begin soon. Click HERE for more information from Solar Select LLC, who will be installing our new solar array.
NOTE: The electric vehicle charging station may not be installed due to landlord decision.  We will keep you posted, and aplogize any inconvenience.

Our solar panel system is being redesigned to allow more vehicle clearance. It will be reinstalled by April. Thank you for your patience.

Our Building and Business

The Los Alamos Cooperative Market (LACM) commissioned Village Green Builders, Inc, d.b.a. “EcoBuild Systems, LLC” to conduct a study of its sustainability strategy to leverage the biggest impact with limited funds and maximize public relations.  The intent of this study is to assess the current situation, identify best practices, prioritize recommendations, and provide a sustainability roadmap for LACM over the next decade.